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FasterBuilder is your compliance data repository. You are in full control of, who and when, can they use your information for prequalifying you on new bids.

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Stay focused

Allow us to do take over repetitive tasks in the prequalification process.

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Do it once

Update your profile once, apply to new jobs in one-click.

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Let us keep track

FasterBuilder automatically verifies and tracks your pre-qualification application.

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Complete control

SHA-516 Bank level encryption.

Your information is not going anywhere you dont want it to go. Taking a centralized approach avoid 3rd party leaks of your business financials and operations.

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Data breaches


Global uptime


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Seamless integration

Data transfer is just a few clicks.

If we're no longer the right solution for you, we'll allow you to export and take your data at anytime for any reason.

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Our sign up is dead simple. We only require your basic company information and what type projects you work on.

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We support bulk uploading via your account portal.

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At the click of a button submit all the relevant pre-qualification information required. No more back-and-forth.

* Some integrations require a custom API

All in one solution

A one stop shop for pre-qualification.

Some of the data you will be able to share in one-click.


Certificate of Incorporation

Business Certifications

Construction Licenses

27 others


Activie Liens

Bank Statements

Bankruptcy checks

35 others


Environmental Policy

Insurance Provider

Suppliers Verification

Modifications Rate

Contract Litigations

51 others


MSHA Citations

ISO Certifications

QA Contact

12 others

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