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Qualify sub contractors based on input from past projects, colleagues and your network.

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The hub for pre-project risk assessment.

FasterBuilder is the place for streamlined risk assessment as it should be in the 21st century.


Cherry pick the best

FasterBuilder auto-fills your Pre-Qual forms with the right information always.


Broaden your area of activity

FasterBuilder enables you to find reliable Subcontractors in new areas .


Reduce pre-project fatigue

Focus on value-adding activities whilst maintaining an overview of the market.



Concentrate on actual construction work. Let us handle the rest.


Drastically reduce time spent on pre-qual and risk assessment.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, FasterBuilder allows you to filter sub contractors according to your needs.

Access to more than 20,000 industry rated sub contractors.

Don’t find just a sub-contractor, but find a reliable partner.

99.9% uptime

Use FasterBuilder whenever it suits you best.

Access to up-to-date information

Have a peace of mind, with reliable up-to date information.

Review System

Profit from the experience of your network.

"FasterBuilder massively simplifies the distribution of ITBs and allows us to accept projects in areas where we haven’t been active before."

Dave Gamache
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Integrated with your favorite platforms

Your data should be connected and portable. FasterBuilder connects with other sources to help you get more done.


Collect all the relevant risk information for bids you receive though ConstructConnect.


Communicate important messages to your users through FasterBuilder and iSqFT.


Sync any prequal to ViewPoint for automated sharing with people within your company.


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